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The New Way

Tour Guidelines


We are all aware of the hardships Covid19 has put on many of us. It will mean, for the time being, that we will be required to do things differently. This will be an adjustment for all.

At PCMike we have always looked out for your personal safety and health, years before the current situation changed the way we live.

The following guidelines will be followed on every PCMike tour or transfer.





Group Size


All tours will now be limited to 8 persons for a "shared" tour and 12 persons for a "private" tour until further notice.

Only people on the booking will be permitted on the tour. All names must be presented in advance of the tour. 



1. All vehicles will undergo sanitation procedures prior to the tour, which includes the wiping down of all hard surfaces and commonly touched areas of the vehicle, both inside and out. Seats will be sprayed with a quality anti-viral product. This will be repeated throughout the day as the tour progresses.

2. The driver will be required to wear a mask. Wearing a mask for you will be determined by potential local laws or your personal desire to do so. We recommend masks at this time.

3. Hand Wipes and disinfectant spray will be available upon request.

4. Seating will be spaced according to group dynamics, with one row between each. Thus the maximum capacity for a 26 seat vehicle will be 12 persons. 

Personal Interaction

1. While out of the vehicle, personal spacing will be encouraged. Interaction with those in the community will follow the same spacial guidelines. School visits will no longer involve classroom participation until, at which time, it is deemed safe to do so.

2. Although an important gesture in our local community, hugs, handshakes, and other physical contact is strongly discouraged.


1. Your health is our number one concern as is my personal health and that of the driver. If you are suffering from any ailment that could cause infection to another participant or member of staff and community, you will not be able to do the tour. It is at the discretion of the guide, to allow or disallow a participant on the tour.  

2. Disinfectant wipes will be available, but to keep costs down, it is encouraged that you bring some along.



None of our tours provide "buffet" style dining. All food is prepared from a menu or upon personal request. Should you have any allergies, please inform your guide, or better yet, inform us at the time of booking.



In the past, we purchased beverages from local stores (colmados) in order to support local business.  Each bottle or can will be wiped down prior to being offered to our guests. Personal beverage containers are strongly suggested.

Pick Up and Drop Off


Due to resort policies, direct pick up at the lobby entrance may not be available. In this case, pick up will be made at the main gate of the property. In case of a substantial distance to the entrance, a taxi will be provided to the meeting point.

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