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Reality Tours For People Just Like You

 I would like to thank the many of you who have taken the time to bring donations in support of the local communities that surround the resorts. Nothing goes to waste and nothing is frowned upon.

I have been actively supporting a barrio school in the area, as well as others located far away from the local tourist hot spots of Bavaro and Higuey, with the generous school supplies received from people just like you. 

This is a private school and a token tuition is required, but it is within reach of the many in the region who live with under $200 a month of family income. I have set up a up a sponsorship fund to assist the families who run into hard times (if supporting your family for under $200 a month is not hard already), allowing the children to stay in school.

With over 2 million guests arriving at this destination yearly, it only takes a little bit of space in your baggage to make a difference!!!!

Due to your efforts, enrollment is high and the kids come to school every day! To see the difference you make... click this link...


My focus is not about saving the world....it is about giving those who are willing, the opportunity to better themselves through education and recreation.


The New Classrooms!

The school is growing! Over the summer, 3 additional classrooms have been added to facilitate new grade levels and more students!

Do you have a working laptop that you would like to find a new home for? Please email me at puntacanamike@gmail.com and I will assist you in getting it to the school!!!

The following items are always in need at Centro Educativo Shalom!!!

back packs - folders - plastic report covers - lined notebooks - pencils - erasers -  chalk  - markers and highlighters - water colours and paint brushes - craft supplies - craft paper - balloons - world maps - protractor sets (the kind in metal tins) - rulers - glue sticks - sports balls - frisbees - skipping ropes - educational games - rain coats - umbrellas (kid's sizes) - flip flops - general summer weight kids clothing

These are but a few ideas. Every piece of everything makes it to the schools and is greatly appreciated. I have a storage area dedicated to this endeavor and distribute the items on an as-needed basis, as the schools have very little in the way of storage facilities.

I am able to make pick ups at most local resorts only with advanced notice. Please email me with your details.

Thank you for your continued support and concern for the education of the Dominican Republic's youth!