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Are pcMike tours for me?

I enjoy spending hours driving from resort to resort picking up guests and then waiting roadside to pick up more guests.

I enjoy over-crowded tours.


I enjoy the taste of cheap alcohol, flat softdrinks and warm beer.

I enjoy institutionalized food prepared for the masses cooked hours before.



I enjoy being harrassed by vendors, overpaying and buying fake and couterfeit items while on a tour.



I enjoy someone who narrates a tour in 5 different languages, but done poorly in each.

I enjoy being rushed and herded from one place to another.


I enjoy tours where I am just another number on a spreadsheet.

With PCMIke resort pick ups are limited to one or 2 locations at the most and carefully coordinated to minimize time.


With PCMike my tours are always small groups with comfortable seating for all.

With PCMike, you get high quality alcohol, cold beer and soft drinks.

With PCMike, all meals are "cooked to order" and personally selected from a menu.


With PCMike we avoid areas where vendors hang out. Shopping is done in a location where you are not bothered, prices are clearly marked and transactions secure.

With PCMike all tours are conducted in "first language" English only.


With PCMike we go at your pace. There are no groups following us and no need to feel rushed.

With PCMike I never go to work! I go out to show new and old friends, the local community and to enjoy a day off the resort!

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