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Airport Transfers

For transfer booking, info and confirmation:
809 394 0373 (only)
Do not call the main number

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PuntaCana Mike is pleased to announce that Emanuel of E-Transfers* is now my recommended transfer company. Emanuel has been a very reliable provider for transportation on most PCMike tours for over a decade. 


E-Transfers strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to vacation transportation needs.


They promise to deliver the same level of service and satisfaction when it comes to getting you to and from your resort or residence.


The drivers are not only punctual but safe, polite, and courteous. They offer 24-hour service to all resorts and residences.


Aside from the great service, they can also provide anything from shopping stops to flowers! All you have to do is ask!


All E-Transfers are "Private"...just you and those in your family or group! The prices shown are not based on per person, but for your entire group up to 8 persons!


Larger groups can also be accommodated!


Book today with no deposit required!

*Punta Cana Mike's Dominican Adventure is not involved in ownership, operation, finances nor transportation of E-Sevices. This page is an endorsement of the said company. All bookings, communications, and payment are the responsibility of E-Transfers. I do not accept any fee or commissions for the endorsement of this company. Punta Cana Mike's Dominican Adventure cannot be held responsible for any issues regarding transfers through E-Transfers.

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