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On behalf of Magdelena and the staff of Centro Educativo Shalom, I would like to say thanks to the thousands who have 


Over the past 9 years the little project that Magdelena started with the goal of providing a quality education to those the world forgot, has blossomed into a project of success! This is mainly due to the many of you who have visited with me and provided support for the project through materials and cash donations. 

We have gone from 35 students in our initial year to approximately 165 students this year! A simple look through the photos above show the difference this little school has made to the local community.

Over the past few years we have been able to open a computer lab, outfit a soccer team, start a baseball program, added an activities pad, teach basic English, and offer the independent support to a few students who's families have fallen on very tough times with the loss of a parent or other hardships beyond the meager life most live in the first place..

The school remains the focal point of a very low income part of Bavaro. 

Your visit to the school is much more than the supplies and financial support you offer...it is much more than that.

For many in Bavaro, the future will be a community of people from around the world. A melting pot of different cultures and beliefs...different languages and habits. Through your visit, the students are better prepared for the future integration into a "world" community! Those who have visited before, understand the "two-way" impact of meeting with the students and members of the surrounding community.

Once more...a huge thank you to the many who have visited the school and to those who in the future, will also share the experience of watching a dream grow.