The Taino Trail

Boca de Yuma



*Visit to the Barrio and the small local school with social interaction within the school and community.


*Explore the world of Cigars, Chocolate, Coffee, Rum and Dominican jewelry. Shopping Opportunity.


*Lunch (optional) at a beautiful seaside restaurant overlooking Yuma Bay.


*Visit a local cave, featuring historical Taino petroglyphs.


*A boat ride up the Yuma River and conditions permitting, out to the rugged shoreline.

Includes: Pick up and drop off at your resort Modern Air-conditioned Vehicles, Complimentary Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks,  Entry Fees 

Lunch available from made to order menu

(avg $9-15 per person)

Tour Highlights

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If your desire is a historical, photographic and nature-based tour, Boca de Yuma is the tour for you! Yuma was the first Spanish outpost in the east of the island, originally a Taino community.


The first part of our tour includes a visit to the barrio and school as well as cigars chocolate and rum, as outlines at the beginning of the Munchies in Macao tour outline.


Back in the van, it is time for our journey through the countryside to Boca de Yuma. Along the way we will discuss the topography and geology of the region, passing through rugged scrub lands that gradually give way to marginal farmland and cane fields. Country living here is basic at best and simply survival at it's worst. We will witness it all. 


Arriving in Boca de Yuma, our first stop is lunch! 


Perhaps the best meal you will have during your stay at the resorts! Perched on a coral cliff overlooking Yuma Bay, the food here is very fresh (seafood-pasta-pizza) and there is an extensive number of plates to choose from.


Yuma is rich in history and we will take the time to discover some of what others left behind 1000's of years ago and up until the 17 and 1800's. A visit to a local cave allows us to explore the artwork of the inhabitants (Tainos) who called this island home, long before European occupation. Geologically stunning, this cave has some secrets we will reveal!!!


The Yuma River has for many years, been the safe haven of sailors...both good and bad and in between! We will board a small boat and head up and downstream observing the natural surroundings as well as memories from centuries past! Weather conditions permitting, a short ride out to sea is in order as well! 


Those into history and photography are recommended for this day!


Please note that I do not recommend this tour for children under 10 years old, nor for those who have mobility issues, heart issues, or breathing issues, due to some steep climbs. Proper footwear is strongly recommended.

Tours run Monday through Friday and all based on availability at the time of booking.



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