Munchies in Macao

Our Highest Rated Tour

Adults 13+         $96.usd 

Kids 5 -12 yr       $72.usd

Includes : Pick up and drop off at your resort * Modern Air-conditioned Vehicles * Complimentary Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks * 

***Lunch is additional price and cooked to order

Tour Duration Approx 7 hrs

Always the Best Personal Experience


Fluent English Guides!


Tour Highlights

Visit to the Barrio and the small local school with social interaction within the school and community.

Explore the world of Cigars, Chocolate, Coffee, Rum and Dominican jewelry. Shopping Opportunity.

Lunch on Playa Macao at one of the region's oldest and most rustic seafood restaurants. Your time to relax, swim, beach walk or just chill.



We start our day with a visit to a local community that is home to many who have migrated from other parts of the island and countries. Far from lavish, the Hoyo offers a glimpse of Dominican reality. Within the Hoyo, we visit a school, far from the traditional "tourist trail". 


Started a little over 10 years ago, this is the "little school that could". We now provide a quality education for a good number of the children of the Hoyo, most of whom would receive next to no education of value, had the school not been opened.  Far more than a "drive-by opportunity", we take the time to socially interact with the students, as well as the society around the school. For many, this is a real eye-opener and something few ever forget.

(Please note that during Covid19 restrictions, all schools are closed in the country. We still visit the facility, regardless.)


Cigars, chocolate (cacao), and rum are 3 of the major exports from this country. The region's "only" volume cigar producer is our next stop of the day. We personally take you through the steps of building a quality cigar, from the sorting rooms, and ovens to the production floor and humidors. You may even find yourself behind the table rolling one yourself! I personally buy my cigars here and endorse the product without reservation! 


I will admit...I am a rum lover! I have had the best and the worst of rums (yes...there are some BAD rums). The smallest producer of rum in this country is also the leader when it comes to quality!  Available for sampling and purchasing is a selection of rums aged on average, 12 to 30 years! (Due to Covid protocols a limited number of samples available). We are talking about a quality product! One look at some online review sites will show that this company puts out some of the finest rums in the world!


With our rum behind us, we re-board the van for a drive northward to visit one of the region's most beautiful beaches! Unfortunately, the days of being the only one on the beach are long gone, but I know of a little secret that takes us back in time to the days of wood-fired cooking, fresh off the boat seafood, and a vibe that can only be considered to be 100% "island time". Times have changed and with Mom's new kitchen, she has a much more efficient gas grill and fryer!!!


At Playa Macao, you will have time to do as you wish! Take a swim in stunning turquoise waters (most days!!! LOL), perhaps help beach a newly arrived fishing boat loaded with Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Snapper, Lobster** and other treats of the sea!  Just sit and chill! Whatever you want, the time is all yours!





Lunch (***available for purchase by the pound) is very reasonable and cooked to perfection! As it is cooked from fresh, it does take some time, but worth the wait! Just read the many reviews!

(chicken available as a non-seafood option)


I will save the story about the place until the tour, but for many in the past, the word is "this is the best food I have had on my vacation"!


Munchies in Macao...the most popular tour for many reasons!!! 

Please note that tours now run Monday through Sunday and are subject to availability at the time of booking.

** there is a ban on harvesting lobster from March 1st to June 30th


*** fresh seafood per pound range is $12 to $16. Chicken available @ $8 per pound. Please advise me in advance for chicken orders.


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