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Roadtrip Dominicana

3 Days - 2 Nights

Las Terrenas


One of the hidden treasures of the Dominican Republic. The beauty of the drive to Las Terrenas is worth the stay along! The road literally carves through steep mountains and allows stunning ocean vistas.

Located on the north shore of the Samana Peninsula, the town has become a favourite of people from around the world. Quaint restaurants and bars, give you that true island feel! You can enjoy some fantastic meals in Las Terrenas! The coexistence of different nationalities has taken Las Terrenas from a sleepy little fishing village to a vibrant, yet peaceful town for all to enjoy!


Many have considered a vacation in Las Terrenas. Here is your chance to experience the destination for a day (and night). You are free to wander at will, or just chill at the hotel! The choice is all yours!



Sosua has been a mainstay of Dominican tourism for decades! One of the original destinations in the country! Known for it’s lively nightlife, Sosua offers much more.

The beach is unlike all in All Inclusive destinations such as Punta Cana. From end to end, you walk through a continuous stretch of restaurants and bars…all presented in true island fashion! You can experience great food and drink, as well as a true island feel!


Night time comes alive on the main drag and can be a little spicy! LOL

For those, more reserved, a good number of bars and restaurants allow a more sedate location to view the action.


Sosua, originally settled by Jewish immigrants from Europe, has developed into a modern community for expats from around the world.



The garden of the country. Located just over 4000 feet above sea level, the fertile soils of the valley, as well as the cooler temperatures make this an important agricultural region in the country. The mountain peaks surrounding the region climb as high as 8000 feet! Thus it is often referred to as the Dominican Alps!


Getting into the region requires a very twisty drive, going from 457 feet above sea level to over 4000 feet in 24 miles (straight line)…or 46 miles of driving! Temperatures here can come close to freezing at night during winter months! 

Local roadside stands sell fresh cut flowers at prices you will never find back home! While departing Constanza for the drive home, we will stop at a restaurant offering not only great food, but one of the most impressive views you could imagine!

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